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Alpha Quark deals with intellectual property based NFT(Non-Fungible Token) and metaverse. Alpha Quark provides NFT marketplace and metaverse experience for users so that Alpha Quark token can be used as utility token in the ecosystem.

The ultimate aim of Alpha Quark is to contribute by creating a new culture, where more valuable intellectual property rights can be created through creative works of human beings, and by creating a new culture to share the value with more people.

Moreover, Alpha Quark will help protect intellectual property rights utilizing blockchain based on distributed ledger technology, raise awareness of importance of protecting IP rights, and contribute to provide more economic options for new creators and creative works.

Alpha Quark stands for the global platform for intellectual Property, meaning that it is a marketplace for world intellectual property royalties. In other words, it provides a service that can digitally trade intellectual property that has economic value.

Alpha Quark will become the most well-known global intellectual property marketplace with global reputation and brand power, and will position as a platform where everyone can easily have access to valuable intellectual property rights around the world.

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Alpha Quark will provide a NFT collateral lending service for NFT holders. Without selling their valuable NFTs, they can earn interest from applicants who want to borrow NFT as long as they want. This is a rare and unique service combining NFT and Defi sector.

6/24/2022 12:00:00 AM