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biotech-capital Launchpad Event List

biotech-capital Launchpad Event List

BIOTECH CAPITAL is a decentralized venture capital

Monday, August 15, 2022 11:00:00 PM - Friday, September 30, 2022 11:59:00 PM

Finished 46 day 0 hour 59 minute Before

Tokens For Sale 5,001,000 BIOC
Price 0.20000000 USDT
Soft Cap 800,000 USDT
Hard Cap 1,000,000 USDT
How to Buy? Cointool

Our aim is develop a mix of bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are virus who kill pathogen bacteria such as E coli and Salmonella who causes diarrea in human and animals. Bacteriophages do not kill benefit bacterias, while antibiotic kills pathogen and benefit bacterias. Thus, bacteriophage is a selective antibiotic. Antibiotics are used in the farm animal fed. When the human eats meat, milk and eggs, we also eat indirectly antibiotics. These antibiotics causes bacteria resistance making difficult to the doctor treat respiratory and gastrointestinal sicknesses. We want to sale bacteriophage mix to the animal food producer to avoid the antibiotic use and indirectly the bacteria resistance.

The project is in idea stage. We need investment to buy laboratory equipment and pay professional salary to develop the bacteriophage mix. We have intentions letters to buy the product from some animal food producers.

First goal, raise soft capital of $800,000 USD and hard capital or $1’000,000

Second goal, isolate two bacteriophage strains who kill E coli and Salmonella bacteria. It takes 3 months.

Third goal, test in laboratory (in vitro) the killer power of bacteriophages. It takes 2 months.

Fourth goal, test in farm (in vivo) the killer power of bacteriophages. It takes 6 months.

Finally, sale the bacteriophage mix


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