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Auxano SEED: Bridge to Financial Freedom


Auxano is a project with the mission To be the bridge between all kinds of ""Brick and Mortar"" Businesses and Access to Trustworthy Predictable Digital Funding.

By ""Brick and Mortar"", we mean ""Real-World"" Small and Medium Scale Businesses, as opposed to Digital Businesses.

By ""Trustworthy Predictable Digital Financing"", we mean low-interest loans (as low as 0.5% monthly which amounts to 6% annually), with no hidden charges, and that can be easily accessed by beneficiaries with predictable and doable flexible repayment plans quickly confirmed from the blockchain.

The Goal of the Auxano Team is to make every Business funded to be built to last by taking them through 3 stages, to become:

1. Profitable.

2. Sustainable.

3. Deployable.

Auxano offers SEED for Financial Freedom to its users. SEED is an acronym for Synergy, Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Drive. Auxano provides Business Support through Cluster Funding of Businesses, which is a significant driver of the Token use case. Auxano has Equity Ownership in every Business Funded and relinquishes ownership once the Business becomes Deployable. The Vision of Auxano is bold yet doable: ""To make money as common as stones.


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8 Eylül 2022 Perşembe 12:00:00

8 Ekim 2022 Cumartesi 12:00:00

Auxano SEED: Bridge to Financial Freedom

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Düşük Hedef 177.856 BNB
Yüksek Hedef 355.713 BNB
AUXANO Ücretsiz Airdrop

13 Eylül 2022 Salı 00:00:00

13 Ekim 2022 Perşembe 00:00:00

Toplam Ödül 25.000.000 Auxn
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Presale tokens privately to raise funds for preliminary development

1.04.2022 00:00:00

Preliminary Development and Marketing

1.07.2022 00:00:00

Presale publicly to raise funds for the Auxano Ecosystem project, which include the development of the technology and the skill .

7.09.2022 00:00:00

Multiply the use case and leverage the global cryptocurrency market.

1.10.2022 00:00:00

Start the Auxano Cluster funding initiative, a major driver of the Auxano Token Use case.

7.10.2022 00:00:00

Develop the Auxano Blockchain to drive the Auxano Ecosystem and foster Global Adoption.

1.04.2023 00:00:00

Fully Functional Entrepreneurial Funding Ecosystem.

31.05.2023 00:00:00