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CYBERIUM is a sport metaverse, a centralized hub offering a revolutionary experience for esport lovers to play, to engage, to win and earn!

What Is Cyberium?

It's the PREMIER E-Sports Metaverse!

Cyberium is a Metaverse (under construction) with 7 different cities, each of which will host its own E-Sport game, allowing users to SEAMLESSLY switch from one game to another by simply walking through the metaverse.

Currently the team has launched its first city and game: Vortera and 8 Ball Pool. Other cities and game concepts have been created, and will be launched step by step ensuring the continuation of the project into the foreseeable future.

The project sets itself apart from the rest by having:

  • Premium graphics and extensive gameplay control abilities;
  • Dual token, anti-inflationary economy;
  • Fair gameplay: game progression depends on in-game skill.

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