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Business ecosystem - a set of own services.

Business ecosystem - a set of own services.

The ecosystem is centered around the customer's life.

Flat City - contactless, per-minute rental housing service.

Hotel City - online hotel booking service.

Cleaning FCity is a mobile application for cleaners that allows you to get a job online and start cleaning objects in a convenient location.

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1 Mart 2022 Salı 10:00:00

11 Ocak 2023 Çarşamba 23:00:00

Business ecosystem

Satılık Jetonlar 90.000.000
Fiyat 0,01000000 USDT
Düşük Hedef 1.170.000 USDT
Yüksek Hedef 19.440.000 USDT





Blockchain Architect




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Creation of a backlog, formation of a team, description of the application functionality and product logic. Market research, business model building. Development of prototypes, development of product design, formation of a development team. Preparation of the legal framework, research and segmentation of the target audience.

1.03.2022 00:00:00

Start of application development, launch of a marketing company. Opening of legal entities (Russia, CIS).

15.04.2022 00:00:00

Expansion of the project team, MVP release with weekly releases. Attracting angel investments, preparing for the conclusion of partnership agreements, creating a network affiliate program, starting to collect business leads.

15.07.2022 00:00:00

Release of the demo version of the application for Ios and Android. Advanced business panel with business builder, launch of partner support service. Transaction fee, native advertising. Reviews, as a tool for increasing and distributing customers. Paid services for business (designer, HR services), referral deductions from the affiliate program.

6.10.2022 00:00:00

Percentage from the sale of insurance products. Premium packages for business. Entering the market, multiple extensions of the application functionality, the ability to make payments within your own chat, the release of the application in the AppStore and Google Play, integration with aggregators, connection of insurance products. Start of partnership with operators. Development of Cleaning FCity. Integration with enterprise automation systems, submission of documents to the exchange, support for custom video content, launch of HR functionality for business. Implementation of the token within the system. Demo version of Cleaning FCity. Creation of detailed charts of services. Launch of Flat City Launch of Cleaning FCity Exchange listing.

1.01.2023 00:00:00