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The first Engage-To-Earn (E2E) platform for sports fans powered by $SPN. We are building a digital world for fans by offering Sports Tokens (Fan Token 2.0), Watch 2 Earn, Fan Commerce, Gamefi and more.


SPORTZCHAIN is the world's first ENGAGE-TO-EARN (E2E) platform for sports fans powered by $SPN. We are building a ‘Digital World For Fans’ offering Sports Tokens (Fan Token 2.0), Watch-To-Earn, Fan Commerce, Gamefi and more. SPORTCHAIN is poised to capture the Asian sports fan market which holds more than 3.5 billion fans by rewarding them for their fan engagement. Sportzchain is a sports fan-centric platform where the aim is to provide a 360-degree fan engagement approach for sports fans to engage and earn, all powered by our native asset $SPN. We have built the engage-to-earn ecosystem which encompasses the following interlinked products *Sports Token – Back your favourite teams by buying their fan tokens, influence them directly and gain financial benefits when the team performs and engages with the fanbase through polls and other engagement avenues *Watch to earn – Watch live sports games across the world, and earn as a passive watcher or as an active participant *Fan commerce – Redeem $SPN on sports merchandize, match day tickets and OTT subscription *NFTs – buy NFTs of your favourite teams including one-of-a-kind phygital NFTs that give you money can’t buy privileges with expanded utility across the Sandbox Metaverse *Gamefi – Play to earn games where you can earn while participating in sports casual games for football, cricket etc.

In other words, whatever users do on Sportzchain platform and interact & engage with like minded fans will be rewarded with our off-chain tokens (RWRD) that can be then redeemed for $SPN, fan tokens, discounted merchandise and more. So it is time to not just ENGAGE but *ENGAGE and EARN*

Our Current Progress

  • Exclusive sports token and NFT partnership with 5+ teams in Cricket and Kabaddi (a renowned sports in India) giving access to 800K fanbase
  • In discussion with 10+ sporting teams in Asia across cricket, Football, Rugby, e-Sports
  • LOI partnership with SANDBOX (through BRINC) to add metaverse fan engagement for our sports IPs
  • Alpha app launched ( and we made history with doing Asia's first ever binding polls where fan decided the jersey for their team
  • IDO / IEO launch in August & September 2022. Followed by TGE and listing of $SPN on centralized exchanges
  • Partnererd exchanges: Bitrue and P2PB2B. In discussion with Gate, HitBtc, XT, Huobi, Bitmart, Lbank

SPORTZCHAIN’S mission is to tokenize the membership programs of sporting teams and convert passive fans to ‘Invested Fans’.

What is $SPN Token?

$SPN will act as the engine (or the passport) to our digital world that would empower the fans to get access to VIP privileges, gamifications, contests, content, etc. – all in our platform. In essence, $SPN is a utility asset that acts as a booster for the platform. All activities including buying sports tokens (Fan tokens 2.0) of your favorite team, participating in polls and contests, accessing exclusive and VIP privileges, enjoying ‘money cant buy’ experiences will require you to hold $SPN tokens. To summarize, with $SPN constituting the core of our platform functions, we believe we will deliver high engagement and attractive rewards for the token holders over the short, medium and long terms. For early adopters of $SPN, we will provide staking programs with up to 40% APY providing passive income for hodlers of $SPN.


The total supply of $SPN is 10 Billion (ERC and Polygon) and expected to be launched on various CEX on or before September 2022. The token distribution is as follows:-

  • Pre-Seed Sale – 8.65%
  • Seed Sale – 3.35%
  • Private & Public Sale – 7.0%
  • Teams (current and future) – 19%
  • Advisors – 5%
  • Community Rewards & Benefits – 10%
  • Marketing and Partnerships – 17%
  • Liquidity & Platform – 10%
  • Treasury & Expansion – 20%

NOTE: At the time of TGE only less than 2% of total token supply will be unlocked.

NOTE: During 30 days from TGE, Sportzchain will buyback $1000 worth $SPN token from the market per day and burn it to reduce the circulating supply and increase the value of $SPN

Our mission is to maintain a circulating supply of not more than 60% by the end of 3 years and have the flexibility of burning and buying back the tokens for the benefit of token holders and having a healthy supply in the market.

To understand more about the company and $SPN token, pls visit the link

Who are the founders of SPORTZCHAIN?

Sportzchain is backed by strong, seasoned professionals who more than a decade long experience across finance, consulting, technology, investment banking and entrepreneurship. Siddharth Jaiswal – the founder – has over 15 years of experience across finance, blockchain consulting, crypto investing and hands-on experience with various start-ups. He considers this project very close to his heart as he believes its about time the multi billion fan engagement industry is disrupted and the fans get the ultimate power to influence their favourite team decisions and be financially rewarded

Who are the advisors and backers of SPORTZCHAIN?

The founders of SPORTZCHAIN are backed by the who’s who of the blockchain industry in Asia. The advisors backing the project are Mr. Ajeet Khurana, Mr. Sunil Sharma and Mr. Kartik Garg, Mr. Shreyas Kutty, who have more than a decade long experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world and they have advised successful unicorn project like Polygon, MakerDao, Zebpay and many more.

Polygon has provided a grant to SPORTZCHAIN and the project is backed by renowned crypto and traditional VCs and investors. The seed round was led by DARQ Capital, SUNiCON, EX-COO Goldman Sachs India, Crypto Camel, Polygon (grant) and was participated by various angel investors from crypto fraternity

What makes SPORTZCHAIN unique?

SPORTZCHAIN is world's first ENGAGE-2-EARN platform for sports fans. Through this ecosytem the fan engagement will be revolutionized and now fans will not just participate for the entertainment quotient but along with that they will be able to earn passive and active rewards. ENGAGE to EARN philosophy will help us garner not only the interest of WEB3 users but also expand our reach to WEB2 sports fans as well creating significant demand and value for our native asset $SPN. Our ENGAGE-2-EARN model is completely different from other X-2-Earn models which aren't sustainable enough for the tokenholders. The rewards in our platform are through RWRD, which is an off-chain token for now and can be redeemed not only for $SPN but respective fan tokens as well as vouchers and sporting merchandise limiting the supply of $SPN in the market.

Further, what makes us different compared to other Sports web3 project is that our fundamental premise is a fan-first approach and are building a fan-centric platform that will open up a new and a ‘never seen before’ world for sports fans. In summary, we are NOT just a ‘Fan Token’ or a ‘Sports Token’ company – we are more than that.

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