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BlueBenx is a Blockchain Banking Accelerator Ecosystem.

BlueBenx is a Blockchain Banking Accelerator Ecosystem.

Launched in July 2018, we are building a all-in-one blockchain banking multifinance ecosystem for FIAT and crypto cross-chain transactions, private quantitative poolings, high performance staking products, crypto brokerage Dapp and a powerful blockchain labs for crypto second layer initiatives.

BENX leverage the BlueBenx Ecosystem.

BENX is the main token on the BlueBenx ecosystem. A cross-chain utility and the primary token on the BlueBenx Ecosystem. BENX is used to provide liquidity through liquidity staking leverage, for seamless transition of the banking services, for payments and for rewards. BENX offers regular interest payments for crypto HODlers, incremental liquidity provision and grants for regular users.

We have the opportunity to evolve traditional banking services into innovative Blockchain products and services to transform the way people enter the cryptocurrency market. We will be a safe and easy bridge for Blockchain Enthusiasts and new Crypto Holders.

Our Mission: Promoting the power of people's financial choice through Blockchain.

Our Vision: To be people's main choice to access the cryptocurrency universe.

What is BENX used for?

Scenarios for using tokens in the BlueBenx ecosystem primarily include the distribution of rewards to drive uptake of the BlueBenx app, including its products and services, long-term holding programs, and incentives to liquidity providers.

The function of the BlueBenx (BENX) is, first and foremost, to be a practical and efficient agent in the distribution of rewards from our ecosystem and to enable governance and interoperability between the app's products and services. But the Utility token is not just about operationalizing the ecosystem, it will allow access to earnings and fixed staking programs, which will bring versatility and multiple benefits to BlueBenx HODlers.

How Many BENX Are There in Circulation?

A total of 100 millions units of BlueBenx Tokens (BENX) will be issued and the distribution plan of following strategy:

  • Capital Reserve, Treasury and Market Maker - 21.22%
  • Blockchain Labs Developments - 9.70%
  • Launch Initiatives and Secondary Distribution - 11.71%
  • DeFi Quantitative Mining - 17.74%
  • Liquidity Aggregator & Pooling Initiatives - 36.41%
  • Non Profit and Crypto Giveaway Causes - 3.22%

What Makes BlueBenx Unique?

Our business is based on bringing the concept of cross-chain to reality, building a safe, technological and legal bridge between traditional banking services and blockchain technology.

We are connecting the two financial worlds, making the cryptocurrency market a day-to-day reality to leverage a new economy and transform the way people invest and transact value.

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